Salmar Consulting provides IT support solutions aimed at small to medium enterprises. A lot has changed since we first opened in January 1996, but we still maintain a strong focus on solutions based on free and open source software, including Linux. We offer personalized services based on open technology including Web hosting, email, and custom tailored applications tailored to the needs of your business.

If your business requires a large mega-corporation to back their name, that’s not Salmar. You’ll be dealing with essentially one person, Marcel Gagné, a guy who has literally written the book on Linux and Open Source software. Six of them, to be exact, along with hundreds of articles appearing in top industry publications like “Linux Journal”, “SysAdmin Magazine”, “Ubuntu User Magazine”, and “Linux Magazine”, to name just a few.

We’ve worked with other computer companies, with hospitals, manufacturers, public libraries, publishers, and many other diverse businesses like yours.

To contact us via email, drop us an email at info@salmar.com or call ‪519-497-3021‬.