Salmar Consulting opened its doors in January 1996 with a mission to provide the best in systems and network administration, support, and integration. Though we work in both Windows and commercial Unix, our focus is Linux and open source software.

We are experts in Linux, Unix, electronic mail and network communications. Using robust and powerful Linux systems, we can also design and build to suit individual corporate needs. Each of us brings years of high end computing expertise ranging from system analysis, design and custom application programming to Unix development, upgrade and support, to network design for the internet and the World Wide Web.

From the desktop to the mainframe, from Windows server and desktop offerings, to Unix in all its glorious flavours, Salmar Consulting has been there. We are a creative team with a proven track record for finding innovative solutions. Our customers range from other computer companies to hospitals, manufacturers, public libraries, publishers, and wholesalers.

To contact us via email, drop us an email at info@salmar.com or call 226-444-6787.